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Constant Movement is a Pilates based fitness and wellness studio which offers multiple exercise formats to bring together mind and body. We embrace the unique needs of every client, inclusive of all populations, to tailor an exercise / movement program that brings you to your personal goals. We believe Pilates provides the foundation and stability necessary in the pursuit of physical fitness and overall health.

We offer both private one-on-one, duet and trio sessions as well as small 4 to 5 person group equipment classes to clients of all ages and physical abilities. This includes men, women, young and old, children, elite athletes as well as clients who have special needs. We have many years of experience working with clients who are going through pre and post rehabilitation as well as  neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis.

Our studio is proud to offer access to cutting edge equipment and training to all of our clients.  Our instructors are highly trained, experienced and fully certified through multiple reputable Pilates Teacher Trainer Centers, both Classical and Contemporary, recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance.

At Constant Movement we are committed to “Constant Improvement” through continuous support of and training in the latest cutting edge research in new movement science findings. These include working with optic nerve, inner-ear and proprioception systems to further help our clients meet their personal goals.   

To support this, our equipment offering includes Pilates Infinity Reformers with towers, Towers with raised mats, EXO chairs, Combo Chairs, ladder barrel and a Cadillac.

In addition we have supportive equipment which creates an environment of instability that promotes joint mobility & stability, endurance, strength & proper alignment.

These include the new Body Balance suspension system, rebounders and a new piece of equipment called the Oov, which you have to experience to understand.

Balance training is an important tool that is utilized to assist a client to quickly master complex movement patterns.

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2900 E. Beltline NE, Suite E

Grand Rapids, MI 49525


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