All punch cards have a 12 month expiration date.

Group Equipment Class cards give access to any group equipment class offered. Including Reformer, Tower, Chair, Circuit and Body Balance suspension or any combination.

Welcome Package

Two Private Sessions for $99.00 with a Certified Movement Instructor. Our best bargain, during which we are able to do an assessment of your strengths, analyze your movement patterns and develop a plan based on your specific needs.

Private Sessions

Private Pilates sessions offer the unique opportunity to work one on one with our Movement experts. Our Instructors are trained to assess your strengths and limitations, analyze your movement patterns, and in turn develop exercises suited to your specific needs. All Constant Movement instructors are trained in therapeutic protocols and are able to challenge the most advanced athletes as well.

The combination of instructor expertise and the wide range of adaptable equipment we offer, allows us to work productively with ANY individual and all physical abilities / challenges.

5 sessions


10 sessions


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Duet Sessions are a fun and economical way to get specialized attention from our Movement experts. With two students per instructor, the instructor can design and adapt exercises suitable to the participants.

*Prices are per person (pp)

5 sessions/*pp


10 sessions/*pp


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Group Classes

Group Pilates classes at Constant Movement have a healthy mix of small equipment classes. These currently include Reformer, Reformer IT, Body Balance Suspension, Tower / Chair, Mat with the Oov and Group Circuit. If there is something you would like to see added just let us know. If we see enough interest, we will do our best to add it to the mix.

5 sessions


10 sessions


20 sessions


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