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Are you curious about pilates? Have you ever wanted to try it but didn't know where to start? Check out our Pilates videos to understand who we are and what we do!


Thank you Cynthia Kay & Company Media Production for your amazing work on this video!

Xiser Steppers

Watch our Pilates videos to see how we are incorporating new exercise methods, like HIIT, into our classes. We had researched these benefits for the last year. We found empirical evidence back by research that shows that anaerobic exercise (HIIT) is far superior to aerobic exercise. The health benefits include: increased muscle mass, improved metabolism, increased energy, reduced fat, reduced stress, reduced blood pressure, improved sleep, balanced blood sugar, increased bone density, improved cardiovascular function, improved balance and the list goes on.



We have been integrating these into our private and class sessions. They are a "hit"!

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